A Sexless Marriage shouldn’t be nurtured- Aisha Gidado

Loveless or sexless marriages shouldnt be nurtured, except if both partners are the ones who want it that way.

What i have come to is ‘we for the most part, not all, have made the wrong choice in who we married.

Or let me say we make foolish sacrifices or give excuses on issues not worthy of that.

It shouldn’t have to be that much work to get physically sexual with our partner.

Especially if a partner is clean and healthy enough.

So whats the problem really?

Granted, life can be difficult at times…but it shouldn’t put our relationships to a dead stop.

If you love someone that doesn’t go away, when times are tough we should indeed be thankful, that at least we have that mate to cling to and enjoy living with.

It is the one thing we can do with our partner that takes away our stresses of life for awhile.

The lovemaking we share should reaffirm why we have that partner in our life to begin with, and it tells of how glad we are.

Maybe there have been damages done to our partners that are ‘unforgivable sins… Or maybe, at sometime, some one did someting to our partners that we are not aware of…
Or something as blatant as and affair with someone is happening.

Something that our partners can’t get over.

It could be anything!

It should be spoken and looked at and addressed in private, and if not in councelling, and
if that doesn’t work… that is the VICTIM needs to face up, so that he or she can stop clinging to the hope that there is a chance.

You see?

Life is too short to hang unto something that is never going to get better.

This is what am saying.

We all deserve to be with someone who loves us…and fullfil our emotional need…or else there is a big PROBLEM.

We all should find happiness with that right person, and this is only fair.

To me, life is a gift that we should all value and respect.

If we have done all means to get it right… and it doesn’t change it is an injustice to both parties.

This is some food for thought..

It is something that i am feeling, and thinking…

Just wanted to share my thoughts.

I am not telling everyone to go get a divorce… but if nothing is working maybe it is time to move on, instead of wasting your life and value emotions on what should be free.

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