After Cool FM, Husseina Dashen Flourishes in Kaduna

Avid listeners of Kano’s cool FM would have noticed the unceremonious demotion of Dashen to late night show. For almost a year, the OAP who ironically was the most relatable was reduced to a night hawker, who pleases the sundry love birds that care to tune their dail to 96.9 at 10. Well, it wasn’t all cozy at Kano Cool FM. Friends of Hussiena Dashen have finally opened up about the drama and in fighting which finally sent Husseina packing out of Kano and back to the more liberal Kaduna where she dazzles at Invictus FM.


For more than a year, Dashen had been in a tug of war with other female presenters at cool FM. Sophie and Yasmin who we would like to think are Dashen’s BFFs were reportedly embroiled in a fierce competition with her. Forming a clique of their own, they eventually relegated her to the late night thereby sending her ratings crashing.

“Some people at the station felt she was a threat, because the bulk of station’s listeners usually find it easier to relate with her ”

Cool FM Kano has been struggling, without success, to achieve the same credibility as its Lagos partner in the radio hub of Nigeria for almost 5 years. Veteran presenters like Yasmin who knows Kano’s broadcasting inside out have recently been diversifying away from their radio shows, signalling that¬† all might not well at the Station.

Years and years of dismal ratings are making the network’s execs in Lagos to rethink their investments in Kano. Last year, against earlier policy, the network launched a Hausa only station to complement the non performing pidgin based Wazobia FM.

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