12 ways to save the Nigeria Police

Admit it or not, the chief reason behind recent agitations for Nigeria breakup is the immense ineptitude of its institutions and public officers, and one of the main culprit behind it all is the police force and the military. meant to serve and protect us with their lives, they instead exhtort us, hardly do their jobs and in recent years, even when they do try to do those their job, we find they just fail miserably at it. So after consulting widely with stakeholders and looking at other countries in the world, the Northern Progressive Forum came up with these 15 steps to sanitise the plice force

#1: Changing the Recruitment strategy

The best way to kill an institution in Niogeria is to have senators and representatives giving you the names of people to hire into that institution. If you are out of luck they will send their children- like the CBN and if you are plain dead unlucky they will send their political hoodlums.

#2: Training theem more than NASA trains Astronauts

Research has shown that training not only seaves out the rotten ones but actuallly doen reinforces ethical walls which most armed services simply do not have.

#3: Routine and random drug tests

By an independent institution which, preferably one that is not in Nigeria and one that adopts e-governance measures that makes the process completely transparent, real time and open to all Nigerians. So is a Lab in the UK takes samples in Nigeria its sends them to another UK lab which has no idea about the identity of the test subjects, after getting the results, something embeded in chip or code whold make the results freely available on the internet for all Nigerians. I should be able to know then- togther with the IG that segeant Bala Nafika Fushi has been taking weed on duty, If I happen to see him on patrol next week, I will query can query the IG and raise it up with the PSC.

#4: Bad Apples MUST Be Fired

No waiting, no second chances, fire away

#5: Only Graduates that Pass IELTS should be recruited

These days being graduate isn’t enough!

#6: We must restore 911 emergency calls- nationwide

Most Nigerians don’t know the 8080—– gsm numbers being used by the differeent divisions in their state.

#8: Require cops to live in or near the areas they police. Imakes it harder to mistreat community.

#10: Decriminalizing addiction and petty offenses.

yes, marijuana should be legalized



#11: We should have body cameras on all on duty cops

There should laws backing it

#12: Police must be banned from using force based on their imagination of a threat


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