Agbahime Flees Kano, Kanawa this is a disgrace

From Gideon Akaluka to Bridget Agbahime, Kano is becoming synonymous with killing apostates. The ancient city that once welcomed dissidents is apparently falling short of its ancient call “Ko da me kazo an fika”. Is Kano succumbing to extremists?

News that the Widower of Bridget Agbahime has had to flee Kano after suspects in her gruesome murder were set free is not only disturbing, its disgraceful. The KSG should have done all it could to ensure round the clock protection for this family that has been traumatised enough.

Mr Agbahime might not be from Kano but the fact that he’s made Kano his home since 1971 means he is more a Bakano then many if not all of the people that took part in the mob action that saw to his wife’s death. His son, born and raised in Kano knows of no other home but Kano.

Gov Ganduje needs to live up to his promise of ending extremism by making sure that these extremists know that the letter of the law will catch up with them


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