Ahmed Musa’s Church Service- A good example for Northern Nigeria

So some Kanawa are not happy, but in a region that is more religiously and ethnically diverse than any other in Nigeria, can today’s northerners really afford to be hating each others religious affiliations?

I personally understand why most Northerners are the way they are, our decades long tug of war with the south has clouded our mindset, for a lot people, being Christian is thought of as being a “southerner”, fratenizing with christians is almost the same as fratenizing with the enemy, of course what we forget is that we have a sizable population of Northern christian in every state of the North. These christians are as Northern as you and me and perhaps even more so.

Ahmed Musa was condemned for holding a church service with his new christian bride

While the imams who derive power by holding unto the reigns of divine authority might condemn him, Ahmed Musa’s church service is a reminder to young Northerners, especially in this moment of uncertainty, that the future of Arewa lies in religious inclusiveness. We must embrace our christian brethren and de-conflate being christian with being a hostile Biafran. Only then can we restore the political of the might of the old Northern region


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