Aisha Ahmed- When Maryam Shetty Endorses Dzukogi

-Maryam Jema’are

As you all know, Aisha Ahmad, the Niger woman nominated by President Buhari to take over as the new deputy governor of the CBN has caused such a storm with her choice of clothes. Extremists who had long ago professed their undying love for the President have suddenly discovered that they cannot stomach the sight of a northern Muslim woman who has chosen to drop the hijab.

Aisha Ahmad will very likely be the symbol of liberation for the muslim northern woman and I would hope we, the muslim women of northern Nigeria will have her back and support her through the next few days. In a sick world that allows Ali Nuhu to kiss and grope but victimizes Rahama for hugging, in a society were Bukar Abba can dally around with young girls but Bagudu gets a rebuke for appointing a competent woman to chair a local council, we need every single one of us out there, fighting the good fight.

It was such a disappointment then to see Maryam Shettima, the one time leader of IStandWithBuhari, supporting the write up of Mr Dzukogi. Calling a writeup that puts all the blame on the people supporting Aisha for “pretending like she did nothing wrong” an “unbiased piece” is really heart wrenching.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Ms Shettima openly endorsing the disgraceful and extremist piece of Dzukogi. Does she really think that people with such views will stop at Aisha? If I, a full Hijabi girl who some might say is prudish enough to never share her picture on Facebook or Instagram will see the danger in Dzukogi’s remarks, how is it that Ms Shettima, a woman who shows off her skin tights and half open headdress, sees normalcy in them?

But I forget that people like Ms Shetima, even though they show that relaxed shampoo hair and flaunt open their chests, might not really be true liberals. Often, it is people like me, Hijabi and blanked, that must go out of our way to fight the real fight in the hope that women who look for cheap publicity by showing off their makeup-camouflaged-faces are allowed to do so.

This is not meant to be a slight, but that wise one of us once said there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t have the backs of other women. Ms Shettima, for the sakes of all the women and MEN who look up to you and follow your every word to the letter, I hope you rethink your stance.


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