Aisha vs Bukar Abba -The double standard in Northern Nigeria

G Kakanda

I can’t even begin to imagine what it feels like to wear a woman’s shoes in this part of the world, it must be unbearably exhausting. Every thing that has a penis dangling between his thighs thinks you are beneath him, and must be subjected to never-ending reminders of your status and limits in the society. Even as head of a global corporation, the illiterate and unkempt truck-pusher you meet randomly thinks you are inferior to him. He has a penis! It’s okay for Ali Nuhu to grab women as he wishes, he’s a man, it’s what a man does. But Rahama Sadau’s head must be on a stake for doing less. It’s these same characters now crucifying Aisha Ahmad that reminded us what Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim did with those women in that dingy hotel room was none of our business. He’s a man, it’s his world!

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