All the Presidents’ Men- Why Kwankwasiyya is Right to Blame Buhari

The Reckoning Group is political think tank in Kano

Garba Shehu, the Presidential spokesperson has yesterday warned against dragging the name of President Muhammadu Buhari into the removal of the Chairman of Kano chapter of the APC, Alhaji Umar Doguwa, from office. Malam Garba Shehu, gave the warning in a statement and described as false, the accusation that Buhari was behind the removal of the erstwhile All Progressives Congress chairman in Kano State.

The presidential aide was reacting to the allegations made by a political support group at a press conference in Kano.

The group named itself “Concerned Members of the APC in Kano State.”

He stated that at no time did the president involved himself in the internal conflict of any APC chapter in the country, and would never do so.


But is it true?

The history of Buhari’s political seclusion, even when matters of great importance are at the fore is becoming a thing of political legend. In 2015, Buhari either ignored or from the background teleguided the infighting within the then CPC which saw Muhammad Abacha and Lado decamping at the last minute and thereby reducing the party to the political waste bin. Is Buhari doing the same thing with his presidency?

As President and Commander in chief, Buhari is responsible for the actions of those in his kitchen cabinet. If they, as his advisers and assistants are using the Sates machinery to influence the party structure then he is duty bound to either call them to action or ignore their action, but latter is undoubtedly an indication of his endorsement of any such actions. And the fact that someone in Buhari’s inner circle is using the government machinery to tidy the APC off people who vied for the Presidential ticket of the APC in 2015 is now an open secret.

Who actually frustrated Atiku out of the APC? Why is the EFCC not going after those who sold off Nigeria’s assets to their friends? Why are they ignoring the issues raised by Abdulmumini Jibril?

The “I don’t care attitude” of president buhari has a price, it will be paid come 2019


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