An Fara – Gumsu Abacha goes political with her new blog

The nightmare of APC’s social media machine has come to pass, with an unabashed and heavily opinionated Oped, Gumsu Sani Abacha has taken the Gumsu Abacha Blog across the aisle into the uncharted waters of political dog fighting.

“Sani Abacha, what really happened?” was published on her blog yesterday and so far its had more than five thousand shares across acebook alone. The content of the article by itself is not new or strange, it takes the reader through the same old pro Abacha lines that cover everything from nationalism to his economic ingenuity, the big shocker is the fact that it confirms the heavily circulated rumour that the general’s daughter was willing and able to use the blog for political gain.

“What it means is that come 2019, when Muhammad Abacha feels threatened enough, he will call on Gumsu to lay waste the reputation of any adversary that dares to stand against him” Usman Birniwa a public communications expert said.

The APC social media outfit in Kano had long raised fears that Gumsu might be the third column of the Abacha in their effort to take control of Kano’s government house, it seems with this confirmation, they’ll have little time to adjust to the new reality- Gumsu Abacha is coming; Masu Gudu su Gudu



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