An Outstanding Monstrosity- A Look at Ganduje’s Golden Jubilee Monument

-Arch Shamsu Baba

“The most ugly depiction of Hausa classical architecture”

“Its topped by a frail jelly like piece of garbage they embarrassingly call a sculpture”

Well, it’s not as bad as they say, you can see  the pictures below for your self, but Northern Nigerian Architects and designers seem to be in agreement, Ganduje’s golden Jubilee square is one monumental, ugly waste hard-earned Naira.

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“Its topped by a frail jelly like piece of garbage they embarassingly call a sculpture”- An expert referring to the Hausa Trumpet that caps the Monument

From its colour to the concept, experts from ABU Zaria to BUK, even KUT Wudil, the state-owned university have torn the monument to shreds.

The state government has not released the name of the Architect, but insiders say it was probably designed and built by the same Imo contractor that built the disastrous state road canopies that collapsed after a rain storm causing a traffic nightmare. They government saved face by quickly rebuilding them the following morning but who’s to say the fragile job won’t give away to Kano’s tormentors spring weather?

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Built in a Neo Colonial Style, the homoungous monument composes of two gates, one straddling the other. The motif on the gates isn’t Northern or Hausa in any way, thus giving the monument the look of a riot of styles.

And then there’s the ill conceived and ill designed Kakkaki which caps the monuments. The poor craftsmanship of the sculpture makes its look more like a piece of metal they’d found at the junk yards of Kofar Ruwa!

On the other end, one can actually see the skeleton of the sculpture, protruding from the open end. It looks more like something my 3-year-old daughter would make from straws.

All in all, I would say the golden Jubilee monument is simply one of the most disastrous artistic adventures of any government in the history of Kano


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