What the APC wont tell you about Customs Revenue

1.1 Trillion Naira is te figure of December. The APC and the men inside Aso Rock have been touting at as the magic number to prove their competence in managing the nation’s resources. At face value, its easy to buy into the “highest revenue generated in history” propaganda, but any close examination will reveal the real figures that continue to the cripple the federal governments revenue generation drive under Buhari.

The Nigerian Customs Services was generating an average N860B from 2011 to 2015, in particular N977B in 2014 (under a supposedly very corrupt administration), with a collection cost of 7%.

Today under a saint president, APC is celebrating revenue collection of N1.01trl for 2017. If we take exchange rate into account, an average of around N151/$ from 2011 to 2015 and N305/$ or N365/$ in 2017 then Hamid Ali is collecting less than N450B in Naira terms of 2014. APC created the most outrageous propaganda when Ali came in that NCS was remitting only N2B before he came.

On the contrary, he hasn’t improved revenue collection despite strangling the poor with border controls. The propaganda about Ali is very important to APC because he is the best they can present, some ‘no-nonsense’ prototype of Muhammadu Buhari, but like his boss he is an ordinary cop that goes by the name ‘good cop’, good cop that doesn’t arrest bad guys. The only record APC has broken so far is that of having the best propaganda machine ever

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