Are you taking the words of Jafar Adam over Sarkin Kano? Here’s why you shouldn’t

Another Jafar is coming for the Emir of Kano. This time, its not the renowned journalist but the Late celebrity Shiekh  Jafar Mahmoud Adam.

As the Emir of Kano continues to launch a barrage of criticism targeting Northern Govs and other politicians, their well paid social media crusaders are fighting back with everything they’ve got, including the words of long dead scholars whose character has long been called into question.

Jafar Mahmoud Adam was an Islamic scholar based in Kano, his influence once confined to Kano and  Borno spread like wild fire after his assassination in 2007. The infamous shiekh is now known as the teacher of Muhammad Yusuf- the leader of Bokoharam. According to salafi media, Yusuf and Jafar had a falling out before his assassination leading to some pointing to BH as likely suspects.

But teaching extremists is not the only reason why we should doubt anything coming from Jafar. Back in 2006-2007, he launched a vehement campaign against the Emirate then under the late Ado Bayero. He accused the revered Emir of stealing a mosque built by Salafists and giving it to Sufi’s, he went as far as promising that Salafists will no longer honour the Long tradition of calling on the Emir of open Juma’at Mosques.

This video meant to disparage the image of the Emir may actually do the opposite. Since BokoHaram, Izala has tried as much as it can to distance it self from the Terrorists, the words of the dead scholar may betray them.

In the Audion clip, Jafar could be heard condemning the Emir and calling him a “hypocrite” because he had called on “Northern Muslims and Northern Christians to unite against the policies of Obasanjo”. Izala has been blamed by many for causing a rift between Christians and Muslims in Northern Nigeria there by destroying the political clout the region had long held.

Jafar could also be heard saying Sanusi “would not enter Kano and leave in peace” if he had written his essays in Hausa, further confirming the long suspected links between Izala and violence.

In terms of credentials, Jafar’s preaching can not really be said to have led anyone to the doors of Islam, its hard to understand how that rhetoric filled with non compromise could do anything but send young people towards extremism. Emir Sanusi however has a legacy of making possible the first Islamic Bank In Nigeria and contributing billions to Northern universities during his short stay as CBN governor. His poverty alleviation program gave loans to thousands of SMEs across the North.

According to numerous researches on the insurgency in Northern Nigeria, Jafar was an important figure in the call for full shariah implementation which spiralled into BokoHaram. He groomed a large following of disgruntled young men many of whom would later become wanted terrorists.  He was known to have referred to Muhammad Yusuf (leader of BH) as the “Shugaban Samari” or “leader of young people”. Before there unceremonious falling out, Jafar’s students were referring to Yusuf as the “Calipha” or “Successor” of Jafar. Are the words of such a person really worth taking of those of the Emir of Kano

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