Army Wife accused of assaulting pregnant women

The wife of an Army officer has been accused of using her husbands credentials to eascape the wrath of the Law after assaulting two pregnant women in Abuja.

According Abubakar Manzo who wrote on Facebook:

On 28th of June, around 6pm, 5 young sisters, one of them who happened to be the wife of one Lt Cdr Mohammed (Gaga), a navy officer working in Abuja, broke into the house of one Malam Mukhtar, a staff of Ericsson living in Unguwar Dosa and assaulted his wife who’s 6 months pregnant.

They also broke some window glasses and left her traumatized and sick to the extent that she had to be a given a bed rest for a day at Hospital, later when her husband took her there after he resumed from work and found her in that sorry state.

The young unruly sisters before then had visited the house of their elder brother in the same area and meted the same treatment to his 8months pregnant, brother’s wife, who happened to be a friend to Aisha, the wife of Mukhtar. They alleged that the wife is not obedient to their brother and it was her friend Aisha that’s instigating her to be disobedient. Hence they took the law into their hands to dealt with the two pregnant women at once.

Mukhtar went to the Kawo Police Station and lodged a complaint that same night. The next day the patrol vehicle went to the house of the Lt Cdr to invite the wife but she resisted the arrest and said no one could take her to any police because her husband is a military office. The police contacted the said Lt Cdr over the phone in order to intimate him about the happening, but he responded harshly and said even the commissioner of police in Kaduna cannot dare arrest his wife talk less of them and he asked them to leave his premises before he sent the ‘boys” to come and deal with them.

Now the case is still at the Kawo Police and the police do not know how to assist Mukhtar and his family to get justice.

You can assist the assaulted women get justice if you are in Kaduna by visiting the Kawo police station right now and advice the DPO to dare the devil and arrest the so called military officer’s wife.

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