Biafra- IPOB Attacks MASSOB over Uwazurike’s Kaduna Visit

The leader of Biafra Independence Movement (BIM), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, on Tuesday, came under fire as he was berated by IPOB for visiting Kaduna State to plead for One Nigeria shortly after the quit order given to Igbo in the North.

In a statement, on Tuesday, A certain Mrs. Okwor, said, “Uwazuruike’s charade in Kaduna, where he went to plead for one Nigeria, while attacking Mazi Nnamdi Kanu at the same time is, nauseating, horrifying and despicable.

“While pretending he was fighting for our people, he led thousands of Igbo youths to their early graves so he could live in opulence and luxury. Today, his closest ally is the infamous Al-mustapha. He has finally destroyed himself.

“Igbo women will protest against him in the coming days. He is a big shame and a ruthless traitor. It’s high time he was banned in Igboland. We will meet to decide sanctions on him. Nnamdi Kanu is our new leader. Uwazurike should cover his face in eternal shame. His unending greed drove him to irrelevance. He is now seeking relevance after he destroyed himself by countering Kanu’s May 30 stay-at-home order, and was ignominiously ignored. Our people do not want to hear his name again.”

Another called ECA in its reaction to Uwazuruike’s Kaduna visit said the BIM leader’s alleged current effort to sabotage the freedom of the people would bring him regrets.

In its statement signed by the Publicity Secretary, Rev. Fr. John Odeh, ECA said, “Uwazurike’s very disgraceful outing with Al-mustapha, in Kaduna, on Monday, was a public confirmation that Uwazuruike never believed in our people’s freedom. He has been trading with the blood of Igbo youths for two decades, for him, it’s all about money, money and more money.

“Nobody is fooled, our people know that the oppressor, whose agent, he has always been, funded his trip to Kaduna, because he can do anything for money.

“He destroyed himself, when he countered and viciously opposed the May 30 stay-at-home. Our people unanimously consigned him to the dust bin of history, by complying 100 per cent with the IPOB stay at home order, thereby covering Uwazuruike in shame.

Uwazuruike’s current effort to sabotage the freedom of our people will bring doom on his head. He has gotten away with so many things in the past that he has begun to take our people for granted.

“We are hereby warning him to desist forthwith from selling our people to the oppressors for a dish of porridge. He has acquired hundreds of properties all over the world with the blood of our youths. He should know that our people are watching his treacherous moves, his cup is about to fill.

“We commend our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for his tenacity, uprightness, sacrifice, love of truth, respect for elders and total commitment to the freedom of our people from slavery. We implore Kanu, and the noble IPOB, to dutifully ignore Uwazuruike, who is only craving for relevance, after his greed, drove him to the pit of infamy.

“Only an early referendum and split to regions can save Nigeria now, sponsored fake peace trips to Kaduna cannot deceive anybody. Uwazuruike is a certified clown, who is struggling for relevance so he could continue to deceive the oppressor, not our people. We know him now. Nobody wants to hear his name down here. His name stinks.”

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