Brave Cop Who Engaged Robbers in Viral Video is Dead

Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko, The brave policeman, who was fast and smart enough to gun down one of the armed robbers before taking cover in the viral robbery video from Imo has reportedly died since April

The viral CCTV footage from the bank may have been seized all the while for security and investigative reasons.

The video which showed a black car come in first, only to be followed by a black Hyundai Elantra, some seconds later making the gate unable to be locked with the way it parked, Four men then emerged from the vehicle, with three holding weapons, which looked like AK47 rifles.

The footage reveals the first person out of the vehicle releasing a shot which caused many people at the entrance of the bank, including the uniformed security man, who opened the gate and melted off at the sight of spontaneous gunshots to protect his unarmed self

But the robbers were swiftly engaged in a gun battle. Shots rang out from the security post at the bank’s entrance, shattering the car windows. An occupant of the car shot back. But one of the robbers, who had tried to attack the occupant of the security post was instantly shot dead.

The video shows Iboko who shot him escaping from security post, while one of the other robbers pursued and shot after him. The Imo State Police Command informed news men that owing to the multiple gunshot injuries sustained by Iboko, he succumbed to his injuries two months later while in intensive care.

Spokesperson for the command, Mr. Andrew Enwerem, explained that two other policemen were in the security post during the shootout and also sustained gunshot injuries.

“They were in intensive care for up to two months. The two survived but Iboko died. He was a sergeant and mobile policeman,” Enwerem said.
The police said they do not know the sergeants age or his hometown.

Since the video became viral, there have been calls to reveal the fate of the cop as Nigerians demanded more recognition and honour for the deceased policeman.


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