Celebrating Nasir Yammama

-Salis Galadanci

It saddens my heart upon knowing and realisation that there is marginisation of reportage of some media out fits in this could try, where some will achieve a little they will let the whole world knows about , while others will achieve a lot, yet the keep mum letting no one about it. It amazes me on how some Nigerians upon their achievements international media and foreign leaders and government celebrate our Nigerians yet back home we do not care just because perhaps they do not belong to their area.
On the other hand back home, we like celebrating Nigerians who come out winners in programs that non beneficial to our society. Programs like Big Brother Africa/Naija or BBA/BBN as it is popularly known.
Yet recently just on the 29/6/17 two young under 30 Nigerians received and award at Buckingham Palace by Her Majesty the Queen herself. One is Nasir Abdulkadir ‘Yammama, and the other is Funke Abimbola.
Nasir Yammama has gotten the Queen’s Young Leaders Award in England.
He received the award at the 2017 Queen’s Young Leaders Awards Ceremony at Buckingham Palace.
Yammama is being recognised by The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme for his work in AgricTech.
As founder of the social enterprise Verdant Agritech Ltd, the 27-year-old is using simple, low-cost technology to transform Nigeria’s agriculture sector.
Verdant, which began in 2015, is working with Oxfam and GIZ to help 25,000 farmers double or triple their yields.
Yammama isn’t the only one that has been recognised by the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme.

Before now, yound Nasir was recognised by Forbes Magazine in their publication of 30 under 30 article where tjey describe him as folloArea
” Nasir Yammama
Founder, Verdant Agri-Tech
Country: Nigeria
It all began in 1996 in the village of Yammama. On a clear day here, a blue sky covers the heavens and white cotton fields light the ground below. A dozen brightly-painted trucks are lined up; workers load sacks upon sacks of cotton. Then six-year-old Yammama, who carries the name of his village, walks the fields with his father. He saw the workers sweating and vowed to improve the work of farmers in Africa.
In 2014, he founded Verdant AgriTech, a social enterprise to support rural farmers with mobile technologies for sustainable farming and improved food production.
“The company was founded on the premise that smallholders should be able to produce more, sell more, make more profit and thereby attain an improved standard of living by using simple technologies,” he says.
Yammama began with 50 farmers in Katsina, his home state. He taught them to use their basic phones to gather market information, weather and management skills, and financial services.

Yammama has achieved a lot. He studied information technology and business information systems at Middlesex University, London, has a master’s in creative technology, was selected among 50 Global Entrepreneurs for the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and won numerous awards, including the British Council and Virgin Atlantic’s Enterprise Challenge in 2015. This gave him the chance to be mentored by Sir Richard Branson and receive a start-up grant for Verdant.
In collaboration with Oxfam and GIZ, Verdant is currently running a project to support 25,000 farmers. This June, Yammama will also receive the Queen’s Young Leaders Award in England.
Yammama has profited from linking technology to Africa’s rich red soil.”
Nasir indeed, a village boy from ‘Yammama under Malumfashi Local Area, who adopted the fashion of his late father Abdulkadir ‘Yammama, love for farming, and love for farmers. His late father’s ambition was for all his children to dwel into farming alongside their western education.
Now my take is. Nasir has achieved within a short time of his life where most billionaires of Nigeria has not. He has being to where most billionaires of Nigeria hasn’t. It is not easy after all to be mentioned in Forbes Magazine, neither is it easy to be invited to Buckingham Palace by Her Majesty let alone is it easy to receive a medal from the Queen of England. In recent past, I have seen some Nigerians with little achievement invites to that prestigious palace where so much noise was made about it because they are who they want to celebrate.
Only sky is the limit of Nasir whose educational career began at a little town call Kazaure Jigawa State where he attended Infotech school founded by Saminu Turaki.
God bless Nigeria

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