China’s Islamic Names Ban Exposes The Hypocrisy of Northern Nigerian Extremists

For Isreal or any other country it would have been a deluge of protests and calls for boycotts. Last time, there was even a fund to help victims of the Zionist aggression. But when it comes to china, it seems Northern Nigeria’s islamists are not ready to take on the dragon.

I had been weeks since authorities in western China prohibited parents from naming their children Islamic names.

“Muhammad,” ”Jihad” and “Islam” are among at least 29 names banned in the heavily Muslim region, according to a list distributed by overseas Uighur activists.

If a parent chooses one of the barred names, the child will be denied government benefits.

The names listed on the government document disseminated by Uighur groups include several related to historic religious or political figures and some place names.

“Imam,” ”Hajj,” ”Turknaz,” ”Azhar” and “Wahhab” are on the list, as are “Saddam,” ”Arafat,” Medina” and “Cairo.”Judgment calls about which names are deemed to be “overly religious” will be made by local government officials, according to Radio Free Asia, the U.S.-funded radio service which first reported the naming directive.

But since then, not a single Qutbah or sermon had addressed China’s decision. China Civil- a state owned corporation continues to enjoy wide patronage among the 19 state governments and just two weeks ago, Khadimul Islam (Ganduje) of Kano, Yari of Zamfara and 8 other governors were in China for a China- Northern Governors summit, the first of its kind dedicated solely for Northern Governors.

The Hypocrisy of Nigeria’s Islamists is that they always, only take to the pulpit to condemn west. From Saudi to China, totalitarian governments have gotten away with laws that have targeted vulnerable minorities with  no repercussion.


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