Clash of the titans- Idris Ahmed and SK usman clash over BH, Assalafiy

It’s a mini war going on Facebook as army spokesman SK Usman and founder of CUPS Idris Ahmed clash over the ongoing war effort.

Idris Ahmed fired the first salvo with a series of posts titled “how the boko haram conspiracy work”. In it he made serious allegations against the army claiming that they and not boko haram were responsible for the latest attack on Baga. S K Usman didm’t take kindly to the post so he responded calling Idris a “bokoharam sympathiser” and a “liar”.

Idris Ahmed and the Army have been at loggerheads since the arrest of a police officer Datti Alsalafiy who made a name for himself by propagating conspiracy theories centred around the bokoharam insurgency.

Check out SK usman’s reply below:

RE; HOW THE BOKO HARAM CONSPIRACY WORKS – PART 2: OVER 50 FISHERMEN WERE EXECUTED BY SOLDIERS IN BAGA! My attention has been drawn to your post on your Facebook wall titled “HOW THE BOKO HARAM CONSPIRACY WORKS – PART 2: OVER 50 FISHERMEN WERE EXECUTED BY SOLDIERS IN BAGA!” in which you and an unedified imaginary “Eye Witness” made spurious and most unfounded allegations against the gallant, patriotic and selfless officers and soldiers of the Nigerian Army and the person of the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General TY Buratai, whose sweat and blood has brought about the peace and stability especially in the north east. It is really unfortunate that you or anyone else could condescend so low to the point of being fact of this mischief. I am glad to note that most of those that commented cautioned you about such things. It is so sad and unfortunate that you could believe and propagate all these baseless lies and unfounded allegations. Ordinarily, I won’t dignify you with response but for the fact that you have gone overboard in telling lies and lend yourself to the Boko Haram terrorists as propaganda tool, therefore, there is need to point out this fact to you and set the records straight. I want all to note that what you wrote on alleged killing of innocent civilians at Baga, Borno State and the Chief of Army Staff was a blatant lie. It is only a Boko Haram terrorist or those sympathetic to them could ever imagine or contrive such lies. Nigerian Army officers and soldiers are thorough professionals with clear command structure and rules of engagement who have done the nation proud by defeating Boko Haram terrorists, a fact that you and likes are not happy with especially now that we are making tremendous progress in clearing of the remnants of the terrorists in various and crannies of the north east. You are indeed a LIAR Ahmed Idris. I dare say that you are not only a LIAR but a suspected sympathizer of Boko Haram terrorists group whose job is propaganda director and churning out lies online. There is no way our troops could commit such atrocities as no officer carry out any task without order and directive and I challenge you to please come up with such evidence, date, time and place, telling us which unit or formation did that and on whose order. It is equally important to point out that the Chief of Army Staff is one of the bravest, selfless and patriotic war commanders in the history of the world and for you and your cohorts to ascribed such nonsense to him, you really need your heads examined. It is only Boko Haram terrorists or the insane that does not appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of the Chief of Army Staff in stopping the menace of the terrorists let alone associate him with such rubbish you wrote on your Facebook. There is no amount of distraction, lies or campaign of calumny will rub on Lieutenant General TY Buratai’s selflessness and determination to rid Nigeria with remnants of Boko Haram terrorists in our country. Nigerian Army will remain resolute in its clearance operations against the remnants of Boko Haram terrorists regardless of who is behind them. Ahmed, I would like to advise you and your so-called “Eye Witness” that fed you with these tissues of lies to go into Sambisa and face his Waterloo. Tell him Boko Haram terrorists group is finished and none of you can revive the terror group on the social media. By the special Grace of God those sympathizers would no longer have impact as they would be exposed and face full wrath of the law sooner or later. The likes of your faceless terrorist informant are the only one remaining. His media noise is irrelevant. Let him repent like his colleagues. Please find time to visit Nigeria and see things for yourself rather than jumping into hasty conclusions. Brigadier General Sani Kukasheka Usman Director Army Public Relations Tuesday, 28th August 2017

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