Complete strangers ask me for help getting a visa to my country of birth- Fiona Lovatt opens up about the Nigerian Condition

When it comes to dealing with corruption most Nigerians have definitely gotten it wrong. They’ve been trying for decades to a handle on it but its only getting worse, maybe its time to listen to people who have seen life with and without the terrifying realities of having to buy your way through every problem.

Fiona Lovatt, founder of the Lovatt foundation is probably more Nigerian than most of our social media millennials. She blames the continued failure of  official channels for Nigeria’s culture of corruption.

Complete strangers ask me for help getting a visa to my country of birth. Taxi drivers, bank tellers, etc.,

she said. Its almost as if Nigerians have completely lost hope in the system, and are projecting these failures unto countries as well.

It is a symptom of a belief that strings can and must be pulled through personal contacts rather than due and impartial processes. And people with data don’t know how to visit a website and fill out an online application because they have no experience with using ICT in this way.

This is one perspective completely new to many of us. Maybe Nigerian oficials should be looking at ways to regain the public’s trust.

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