Conspiracy kicks in as War reality sets on Nigeria

If Nigerians love anything its their Army, its been a love hate relationship between the citizenry and their marshal guards for almost 50 years, and now, the demise of their bravest officer while another equally decorated war hero derives the ship as Commander in Chief is wrecking havoc on their esteem.

Its not surprise then that the conspiracy theories that went alof after the demise of the PDP are now seeing a return.

Jack Vince, a popular commentator on North eastern affairs said:

WHEN DORON BAGA WAS SACKED by Boko Haram terrorists in January, 2015, I hosted two old friends, displaced persons, from the town. A helicopter, they said, used to land and take off between the outskirts of Doro and the bank of the Lake Chad (I made a post to that effect at the time). That was when the insurgents would come into the town to buy supplies, see family and friends and leave without hurting anyone.

The insurgents attacked Doro after some of their members were arrested in the town during a military raid. They felt the people betrayed their trust by reporting to the military. The expedition on Doro by the outlaws was, therefore, punitive. The question begging for answers ever since is:

“What helicopter could land and take off at ‘enemy’ location?” Definitely not a friendly force!

Spokespersons, as usual, wrote off the claim as mere grapevine.

Like deja vu, a similar situation occurred in Malumfatori over a year later when troops of 272 Task Force Tank Battalion and the Armed Forces Special Forces (AFSF) debriefed a woman who emerged from the bush with a baby. She said a helicopter usually brought food to the insurgents at night. That was when it was near impossible for the terrorists to cross over to Diffa or Bosso in Niger Republic or Maiduguri in Nigeria for their needs. To ensure they got fed, stayed alive and continued wreaking havoc, clandestine fifth column activities continued unabated.

Sounds like Hollywood, but true, if the testimony of eyewitnesses at the front lines is anything to go by.

True to speculation, the troops used to see a helicopter flying at a low altitude but would not respond when radioed.

Who are the powerful and influential persons or institutions responsible for prolonging the war with impunity? Who are the sponsors of terrorism? How difficult is it to know them?

The intelligence community can’t claim to be ignorant of this after seven years of experience on the activities of the terrorists they debrief daily for that long.


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