Conventional Journalism is dead, and Journalists killed it

According to the sorry theatrics that feigns genuine news on yesterdays Sun front age, Evans the kidnapper had escaped after been led away by 30 well armed men. I made over a thousand calls to the legendary Abba Kyari, trying to confirm the story which from the onset looked too-good to be true.

“Friends, I received over a Thousand Call this Morning. Pls Disregard the Fake news From a Major Newspaper Today that The Most Notorious Kidnapper in the History of Nigeria Evans in our Custody has Vanished. It’s a Big Lie. In Accordance with the 90 Days Remand Order from Federal Highcourt investigation Covering 3 Countries is in Progress. Its a False Headline, We can Never Joke with the Security of Nigerians” Kyari said latter, calming the nerves of so many of us, and probably saving the victims of the dreaded criminal from a heart attack.

While it seemed too good to be true for myself, you have to remember I have had the oppurtunity of working the ducky news rooms of southern Nigeria’s tabloids. I new the game and how they play it, but for the innocent man in Abuja, who’d once marvelled at how Kabiru Sokoto could escape the net of his police guards, the story would perfectly make sense.

As journalists, we look at the news pages of Sahara Reporters, Knottedpost and all the other new media houses that threaten our craft and we spit at their poor ethics. Someone called the internet the “biggest calamity to befall journalism” and he wasn’t entirely wrong, what he didn’t add was that the internet had became a calamity because of the sorry standards that modern conventional journalists have adopted for themselves. In the search for hits and numbers we’ve stooped so low as to forget the ethics of our craft.

If conventional jouralism is to survive, we must give society a reason to value us, something the untrained citizen can never give them, until then start digging the grave of centuries old profession, because very soon, the likes of Sun Newspaper will kill it.

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