Dark Day For Buharism- Orubebe And Saraki cleared same day

Perhaps the hired hands at the BSO could have taken Saraki’s CCT clerance as one of those things that come once in a while, but the fact that Orubebe, that infamous rude fellow who tried to truncate the 2015 presidential elections has also been cleared is simply too much to dismiss.

Saraki on his part was seen as the nemesis of political Buharism. He was the first political force to stand against a heavily popular Buhari and come out unscared. His victory in the NASS elections showed that you don’t really need a Buhari endorsement to make it in the APC.

On the other hand, Orubebe was the man who tried to deny baba buhari his place in history. He was the subject of a well-tailored smear campaign that saw the once thug like and fearless Niger Deltan succumbing to pressure and apologising in National TV. The fact that these two individuals have been cleared on nearly the same day must seem like the universe is sending a message to Buharists every where.

Two years into his second coming, recession gripped Nigeria is quickly coming to terms with the fact that Buhari is not the messiah they all thought he was. “Corruption is fighting back” Buharists will like to say, but maybe its Buharism that’s failing us

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