Darul Fikr- The Extremist Chest Feeding Wahabism In Northern Nigeria

Looking for a place to download all the hate filled messages preached from the pulpits of some of the most controversial mosques in Northern Nigeria? Well, maybe you are not, but plenty of young and innocent teenagers are and now, thanks to a Darulfikr, they are only one click away.

Launched last year darulfikr capitalised on this years Ramadan tafsirs to spread the word about the existence of the great chest of Wahabi preaching. The site boasts of having the tafsirs and preachings of almost every Wahabi imam affiliated to the extremist Izala Society of Nigeria

“from Kabiru Gombe to Bin Usman, it has left no one alone. It’s a one stop shop of extremist freebies” Fatima Joseph a researcher into extremists groups in the North says.

The deadly thing behind darulfikr is that it replicates what ISIS and other extremists groups have been doing the west, putting up extremist content on the internet and allowing the gullible to all under their influence from afar.

“With darulfikr, parents will no longer be able to protect their children from extremist content. A child with a smart phone will click download and in a few seconds he or she will be listening to Jafar Adam preaching hate against christians” Ms Joseph says

But an even more alarming thing is the absence of  laws that could curtail the dissemination of the site’s dangerous content.

“right now, everything they are doing is perfectly legal, all the hate, all the subtle nudge towards violence, its ok with the law, I have written to so many security agencies and lawyers and it all comes back to it’s not illegal” says Joseph.

If only Nigeria will take lessons from the spread of religious extremism, it could turn its attention away from censoring the media to these groups which according to Joseph, threaten the corporate existence of Nigeria



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