Even the Name Abuja is Hausa and Northern Nigerian- A Reply to OIDA

-Haruna Kalto

Early this week, an organisation that purports to represent the “Original” inhabitants of Abuja called a press conference (which was chaired by a pentecostal Pastor) to declare Abuja as neither North nor South.

Perhaps pastor Danladi has dodged his history classes at secondary school, but even the “Abuja” is from a Northern Nigerian Hausa state that still resides a stones throw from were he made this now infamous statement.

Danladi’s OIDA is part of the fifth coloumn attack, in war being waged by the people calling for that undefined thing called “true federalism”, but even less defined is the Danladi’s “Middlebelt”. Last week, the southern press carried a story about how southern and ‘middlebelt’ leaders had called for restructing, but when one looks at these so called middle belt leaders he only sees Labaran Maku (who is from Al Makura’s Nassarawa state) and Jerry Gana (who is from Sani Bello’s Niger state) and even more bizarre- Idris Wada from Yahaya Bello’s Kogi.

Perhaps before Danladi and OIDA embark on this crusade to cut off Abuja from the North, they might start by defining were they’ll be putting it  afterwards.

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