Face Of Hate- Man Behind the Mambila Massacre Trends on Facebook

Heaven was lost when the Mambilla Plateau, once dubbed the ShangriLa of the North became the sight of what is now the worst massacre in Northern Nigeria outside of the BokoHaram Insurgency.

Social Media heated up when Sylvanud Tuteh, the sel declared leader of the Mambila Militia accepted responsibility for the killings

We have killed 27, the gruesome message said

“We are on breakfast, We kill 27 of them..” the gruesome message went.

In the last 24hrs, people from Taraba have claimed that Sylvanus has changed his facebook profile to Njikolo Magdama before finally deactivating his account.

While his whereabouts remain unknown, the Mambila Massacre is the latest in the ethno-religious rift that is tearing Northern Nigeria apart. Under the guise of a “middlebelt” christian evangelical extremism is taking a hold, almost as much as political islam already has in other parts of the North.

In a remarkable act not seen amongst his peers in the APC, Ag President Osinbajo was quick to react, posting a touching Facebook message and promising that the perpetrators would be brought to book.

While the Bokoharam terror campaign still raging the Borno, the trails of Northern Nigeria do not seem to be getting any easier. From rogue Fulani herds men armed to the teeth and kidnapping, to equally rogue tribesmen pumped high on an idea of christian crusade, it seems Northern Nigeria has received the curse of the decade.


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