“Federal Shame”- How southerners are using Federal Character to push out Northerners

Federal character was imposed on Nigeria inorder to give every Nigerian a fair shot at self realisation. that is why despite the Northernisation efforst in the first republic you will today find southern Nigerians occupying lucrative and sensative positions at ABU zaria and every other Northern institution. You will find Southern entrepreneurs building hotel and establishing business that more often than not employ other southerners to the detrement of Nigerians local to the area.

But these federal overtures have been limited to the North, in the south, other southerners are used to fill up positions that should have been allocated to northerners.

Hauwa Abubakar is a first hand recipient of this southern discrimination. she wrote :

Pls help me check, may be my eyes are deceiving me.

My 2 nephews who finished their primary schools in Lagos state were refused admission into Kings Collage Lagos despite passing with flying colours “‘ ‘cos Yobe quota was filled up” pls look at the names listed against Yobe state nos. 310,311 and 312, are they really candidates from Yobe state


A closer look at other states will show how other southerners are used in lieu of Northerners. Is this truly how the federation will persevere?

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