For the Umpteenth Time, The Kaduna Declaration Was Not A Call For Violence

“When you tell a lie well enough, you will actually start to believe it” goes an African proverb. Since the Kaduna Declaration, insecure news agencies down river, in a desperate stunt to protect their benefactors have been spinning the story on the declaration.

First, it was made out to be a “declaration of war”, Sahara and those who plagiarise them shamelessly injected the word into the articles of the declaration. They even kept repeating the illegal order given by Nasiru Elrufai calling on the signatories to be arrested as if to pressure the police into action. When all didn’t work, Guardian spearheaded the effort to give Biafrans a human face, the portrayed the declaration as a call to forcefully evict a people who are now “living in fear”. In a daredevil move that puts Goebbels to shame, these media houses even attempted to re brand the Emir of Katsina as the lone hero willing to “save the Igbo with his last drop of blood”

In a second convention that clarified their stance, the Northern coalition have made absolutely clear: They are not calling for the eviction of the Igbo, nor are they calling for violence or war.

“All we want is for self acclaimed Biafrans to be given their right of sel determination, and our call was actually on our brothers, we want them to know that in the event of restructuring we should put up legal measures that ensures that those who have renounced their pledge of loyalty to Nigeria do not find safe heavens to sabotage us” Nasir Ubaid wrote on his Facebook timeline.

The effort to demonize the Kaduna Declaration is an effort by those who want true federalism to eat their cake and have it. When you selfishly pull down the shops of non indigenes, destroy their businesses, impose a social embargo on them; at some point, someone somewhere is bound to fight back.

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