From Crusader to Corrupt Judge- Buharists have turned against CCT’s Danladi Umar

“He gave him two million Dollars”

“Isa Yuduga brokered the deal”

These are just a few of the many conspiracy theories that have engulfed Nigeria since Bukola Saraki- the arch-enemy of Buharists, was cleared by Nigeria’s code of conduct tribunal.

Once the darling of Buharism, the chair of the Tribunal Justice Danladi Umar has in the last 24hrs undergone that now famous process of political rebranding. No longer the anti corruption crusader, Justice Danladi is now the corrupt two-faced lawyer who collected two million dollars in order to clear the nemesis of Buharism.

“Justice Danladi Umar has proved the saying that empty vessels make the loudest noise. Sorry Nigeria.” Claimed Nura Alkali in a facebook post.

Idris Ahmed, the founder of CUPS was even more bitter

Now that the change we yearned for and fought so hard for has finally been hijacked by the traitors, what next for Nigeria” he wrote.

It seems, n the last few weeks, Buharism is waking up to the reality that it has proven one epic political failure. During the two years of the Buhari presidency, they’ve managed to deflect attention from the catastrophe with thearetical phrases like “Corruption is fighting back”. But this time around, from sabotage at the SS who condemned their anti corruption Tsar Magu to Danladi Umar who cleared the man they’d portrayed as Satan incarnate, Buharists are having to cut of their own in order to save their beleaguered movement, and Nigerians are starting to notice.

With enough jilted lovers, Buharism is starting more and more to look like the “Shegiyar Uwa mai Kashe Yayanta”-  A uncortueus term they’d used on the PDP.

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