From Maryam Babangida to Zahra Buhari- How the emerging Style of Nig’s first daughter Zahra Buhari is taking the streets

Wide Scarf, a blouse with shortened shoulder drapes, rings any bells?
Its the new distinctive style that ladies in the North are calling Zahra Buhari.
Looks like the first daughter is joining the leagues of Maryam Babangida and becoming the latest lady to have a fashion craze in her name.

Short shoulder drapes- the latest in the evolving style of the first daughter

There’s a new fashion trend in Northern Nigeria, and its being inspired by -not the first lady- but the first daughter. Ladies from Kano to Jalingo, from illorin to Sokota are departing from the slender naturals for a much more deco garb favored by Zahra.

This craze is or should be to be the relief of parents, thats because its a much more traditional yet sexy look.
After roaming through the streets as a fashion pariah the first daughter it seems has emerged as a fashion force no one can contend with. Her scarfs are selling out in Kano’s textile markets and those shoulder drapes, covering the back and chest seemed to the favoured style in our tailoring stores.


Her Almost iconic scarfs- Zahra buhari is popularising the Aseobi style scarf  a sharp contrast to the other pre-presidential scarfs she was used to
Zahra Buhari
pre presidential Zahra

In a sharp departure from the the rising star image her father’s party the APC used during the 2011 presidential campgains, Zahra Buhari is coming with a much sophisticated and lady like image, while dining for IDPs in charity events and hugging impoversihed children, this new Zahra is becoming an idol not just for young Northern Nigerian girls but also much older women  who yearn for such mature sophistry.

All in all, zahrah is becoming region wide fashion Icon, the likes of which we have never seen the rise of Maryam Babangida in the late 1980s

Zahra radiates a new lady like sophistication in contrast to the ‘rising star’ look the APC used during the 2011 campgains
Dethroning Maryam. In the 1980s this Iconic style was known as Maryam Babangida

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