Governor Ganduje’s nasty language

-Muhammdad Diggol

It is rather cheap and the highest level of inferiority complex for Governor Gandule to believe that his acceptability in Kano will be hinged on denigrating his benefactor, Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso. His utterances and regrettable postulations that Sen. Kwankwaso was amongst those praying that President Bukhari does not return alive from his medical leave in London for the sole purpose of replacing him as President in 2019′ is to say least demeaning and scandalous and totally wicked and childish. I don’t know his motive and what he wants achieve through mischief and blatant lies. Or may be is trying to convince the public that he is the only protector of the President and that Sen. Kwankwaso does not wish Buhari well. The utterances can only be regarded as a hallucination of a failed political brinkmanship coming from a sinking adventure devoid of any sincere and intellectually articulated thoughts. It has to be appreciated that throughout the formation of APC and the subsequent strategic thoughts on the road to Buhari’s victory, he was neither an actor nor an activist. He was an unknown quantity bereft of ideas and foresight on the political pendulum swinging in the country. All he wanted was to become a Governor without knowing what to do with the accompanying responsibilities. However, on discovering the size of shoes left behind by Kwankwaso and vis-a-vis the size of his feet, it occurred to him that he was miles away from sustaining the tempo of development and therefore, the only leeway to escape the scrutiny of the people of Kano is to start a futile quarrel that unknowingly will consume him. The thoughts of Kwankwaso in nominating Ganduje to succeed him was based on the fact that they went on a political journey of more than sixteen years as an under study under the Kwankwasiyya ideology and with the belief that he understood what is required to sustain the developmental push to make Kano great and exemplary. However, to the surprise of all, his actions and inactions has brought to fore his incapacity to comprehend the dreams and aspirations of Kwankwasiyya movement. Therefore, to cover his incompetence, he has lean on the credibility of Buhari, believing that the good people of Kano will swallow his short sightedness as a symbol love and protection of the interest of the President. Governor Ganduje, should know that, he was elected to provide good governance and not to be a self-appointed mouth piece of the President. He should learn to drive popularity and adoration from the people of Kano from his commitment to service and provision of good governance. Furthermore, Governor Ganduje should appreciate the wisdom of proper use of tongue and language. That is what is desired and expected from leaders especially when we consider his age. Kano and Kanawa deserve better.

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