I Cannot Play a Lesbian- Rahama Sadau

Queen Liberty does have her limits, but the LGBT community need not get rattled up.

Rahama Sadau while discussing with with Hadiza Yakubu at Kabaest17 said she could never play a lesbian role, but it has more to do with fear than homophobia.

Rahama for the irst time opened up at the backclash her family endured after the classiq video fiasco that saw conservatives trying to get her expelled from the industry.

“They stoned my father because I hugged a man in a music Video” rahama said.

“I can’t do it, its illegal”.

Sadau speaking at KabaFest17

MOPPAN, the picture guild of northern nigeria has imposed near puritan morality standards for its members, and because they control the movie ditribution network in Kano, the biggest movie market in the North, their whims still carry some weight in the industry.

The problem is furthern compounded by the presence of a conservative government in Kano. The Hisba and the censorship board are all under the control of the salafi movement which has made no secret its campgain to “clean up” the industry


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