I Hope Reno Omokiri Will Have His Wife Do A Nude Shoot

I know the other disciple of doom, FFK will have no problem sending his wife to playboy, the lord knows his reputation falls short of Iblis’s.  So I won’t bother talking about him, no, My message is to the impostor, the one who parades himself as a defender of morals, champion of conservative values- Mr Reno Omikiri.

Mr Reno who accused Hilllary Clinton of attempting to entrench homosexuality and eroding family values should have no problem sending his wife for a nude photo shoot. He should not worry, his icon doesn’t seem to be bothered by having his wife’s boobs splashed over the tabloids.

You see, this is the problem with hypocrites like Mr Omikri. they are cowards who do not have the guts to tell us that they hate Hillary because she called them out on their looting, because Obama didn’t stand by them when they wanted to rig the 2015 polls. They have to hide behind homophobic articles and parade themselves as defenders of christian values.

Well, I look forward to seeing Mrs Omokiri in the stands, It should be a wonderful act of solidarity “in the name of conservatism”.

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