Idris Ahmed; SA to President, Nasir Adhama intervene on behalf of TETFund students

The Executive secretary of tetfund is reportedly about face some presidential heat.

The ongoing tug of war between scholars and the ES is reaching new hieghts as Idris Ahmed of CUPS and the SA to PMB on students affairs Nasir Adhama all lend their voices on  the student’s side.

Dr Idris has called for a full investigation while Adhama has promised to escalate the issue up to the presidency Knottedpost gathered that numerous scholars that had erstwhile leaved for studies with the understanding that their schools will later take up the bill where suddenly left stranded when the new ES introduced new rules that excluded those who’d already left for studies. The ES also reportedly introduced new stringent measures to endure that only students who go to top rank universities will be sponsored with tax payers money. But this didn’t go down well with the students as a number of them embarked on a social media campaign that is now drawing the attention of APC heavy weights.

TETFund cold not be reached for an official comment



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