IG Wala has joined the Sharia Police

Some Northern Muslims do have a problem with skin, CATBANS IG Wala included.

The anti corruption campaignermight be in your good books for all the hell he’s been raising when the poor are trampled over but when it comes to religion, he might not be the best person to turn to.

I G joined the anti Saraki campgain which, ever since the graduation of his son from an English uni, seems ta have taken aim at the Senators family.

Disgustingly, they are attacking the “decency” of the Senator’s daughters whose blouse wasn’t “islamic” enough for the Shariah Birgade.

Not decent enough? They took aim the Senator’s choice of dress
“Babban Addini” IG Wala mocked Saraki

Thankfully, even in fundamentalist Northern Nigeria, you’ll never cease finding someone wh’ll restore your hope in humanity. Some of IG’s friends took offense at his poor judgement and weren’t afraid to tell him.

Aisha Saleh told him she sees no reason why anyone should get into the poor girls’ private lives “peoples dressing don’t qualify their believes”. Well, it doesn’t look like IG got the gist just yet but who knows? maybe when he sees enough extremists roaming the North he will.

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