Iman at 60- For Super Models, life begins at 60

Supermodel Iman marked her 60th birthday today with a series of fierce Instagram snaps.

The flawless fashion icon posted the pictures of herself using the hashtag #Iman60 in a bid to redefine beauty standards.

They were uploaded alongside powerful inspirational sayings, including ‘sometimes the king is a queen’ and ‘old age is not for sissies’.

One touching image was of the Somalian model as a young girl dressed in white, with the message: ‘Trust your journey.’

Another saw the mother-of-two, who is married to David Bowie, dressed in a leather top and black and white trousers for one of her many professional shoots.

Flawless: Supermodel Iman, pictured at a dinner in New York earlier this week, marked her 60th birthday today with a series of fierce Instagram snapsFirst shot for Vogue in 1976, this Somali  Iman glamazon had her pick from the 70s catwalks as all the top designers of the dayIman: Timeless. I believe she's in her 60s, but hasn't aged in the last few decades or so. Supermodel iman images | Scene Magazine Pay Homage to Supermodel ImanNo boundaries: The mother-of-two, who is married to David Bowie (pictured together in 2005), said in a recent interview she doesn't believe age is a limitAgeless: The supermodel shared a selfie of herself in a headscarf and barely looked a day older then when she first hit the fashion sceneLong career: Iman, pictured at the premiere of Star Trek VI in 1992, began her career in 1975 aged 20Potential: She was studying political science and living as a refugee in Kenya when American photographer Peter Beard approached her

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