Is Muhammad Abacha Joining the Green Party?

Gumsu Abacha certainly knows how to get people all worked up. She shared the emblem of the Green Party of Nigeria and everyone is now talking about the Abacha’s moving to the green party.

Well, there are a couple of reason’s to take Gumsu seriously, first, the green party is supposedly the brain child of the former Chief Security Officer to Abacha Maj Hamza Al Mustapha. Second, if you are thinking about green politics, don’t. Nigeria’s political landscape has little to do with idealogical affliation. Its a platform for cult warfare were demigods with money and name rule over the less fortunate.

Gumsu Abacha shared the GPN emblem

So what happen’s if Muhammad does move to the GPN. He will have a ticket, which unlike the CPC or PDP, no one can take away from him. But apart from that, he will have little political infrastructure which he might need to take Kano’s government house come 2019.

But maybe the Abacha’s have tought about all that, who knows

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