Is that why the North was short changed in N Power- Osinbajo condemns Federal Character

You’ve probably heard this all before!

When “merit” favours them they become all high and mighty condemning federal character. Its probably no surprise that this is coming just a few days after protests by northerners who saw their slots in N-power filled by curious names. The office of the VP then defended the loop sided appointments because the scheme was supposedly based on states of residency and not origin- So their are no northerners residents in the south ehyy Mr VP?

Another thing to note is the sudden interests of applicants on “relocating”.  when registering for N-Power, applicants can fill in anything as their states of residence- and seeing as northerners won’t break a sweat when giving away slots to their brothers from their south it would probably be wise for a Chukuma to fill in Askira Uba as his LG f residence. After being short listed he can simply claim that he moved to Abia within the few months since registering- Its all for the merit!

Ok so the VP of Nigeria  has identified the importance of merit in giving reward and said that quota system was detrimental to the progress of any society.

He said this in Abuja at the conferment of the Nigerian National Order of Merit, NNOM, on two professors, Omowunmi Sadiq, an environmental scientist, and Tanure Ojaide, a poet and literary critic.

According to him, the nation had placed quota before merit which “we know does not work.”

Nigeria’s quota system, embedded in the constitutional federal character principle, seeks to ensure that all parts of the country are adequately represented in public positions or for public benefits. Critics have argued that it promotes mediocrity as it allows people who otherwise would not be qualified on merit to assume positions or get government benefits based on the part of the country they are from.

On Friday, Mr. Osinbajo called on leaders to make sacrifices and commit to a country run on merit, integrity, hard work justice and patriotism.

“To build a new Nigeria, we need a new tribe of men and women of all ethnicities, of all faith committed to a country run on high values of merit, integrity, hard work, justice and love of country.

“A tribe of men and women who are prepared to make the sacrifices and solve the constraints that is crucial to building a strong society.

“Who are prepared to stick together, fight corruption side by side, insist on justice even when our friends and those of our tribes and faith are at the receiving end.

“A tribe consisting of professionals, businessmen, politicians, religious leaders and all of those who believe that this new Nigeria is possible.

“This requires a new way of thinking, a new leadership corps, a new tribe.

“The challenge for us today is a challenge of finding a society where everyone especially those of us who lead in every aspect of leadership agree that this country is worth fighting for, that this country can truly be great.

“And the evidence we have seen today is that this country can truly be great and so may I just challenge us today that it is time to populate that new tribe.”



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