Is there any hope for Zango’s fans?


some people call them wild house family, and they sure have earned the name. From the early 2000s when they shot to fame, Adam Zango’s White House films has managed to create to a fan base whose fanaticism rivals the infamous beehive.

But its not the sundry wild fan that distinguishes Zango’s fans from the rest of Kannnywood’s fan base, it’s the presence of the insanely rich, remarkably smart, even grudgingly religious amongst them. From a denim wearing boob flaunting girl, to the one who wears an all ninja abaya, Zango’s fans are as diverse as Nigeria.
Recently, Sadiya Kabala’s out pouring of support for Idol while not too suprisinging reminds us about that nasty episode with Nafisa Abdullahi. Pouring your heart out for Zango and declaring your eternal love for him won’t stop him from getting married to another person 3 months later, but that doesn’t seem to stop them anyways

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