Islamist Advocate Detained after accusing SSS of collaborating with Bokoharam

A popular online conspiracy theorist Datti Alsalafiy (real name Abdulsamad Adamu) has reportedly been detained by Nigeria’s secret police after he accused them of collaborating with Bokoharam’s leader Abubakar Shekau to rid the terror leader of his rivals.

Popular social media commentator and founder of CUPS, Dr Idris Ahmed accused the SSS of illegally detaining Alsalafiy and holding him incommunicado for 25 days. Though very ew sensible people take him seriously, Datti Alsalafiy has a large following of mostly Izala Islamists who have made no secret their desire to institute Shariah Law and do away with what they call “innovations”. Although he usually shows sympathy to the police and Army Datti has been known to make serious and unproven accusations against individuals.

On July 17th he accused NGOs of “ill” and claimed that the “youth of maiduguri are rising to protect their religion and nation from them”

On july 16th he accused the SSS of collaborating with terror leader Shekau back in 2012 to eliminate 5 rival commanders of the Mamman Nur faction of the terror group. Al Sallafiy claimed that SSS arrested the commanders in Zaria and then used the SSS headquarters escape attempt during the Jonathan administration to eliminate the commanders:

Most of AlSalafiy’s conspiracy theories focus on the same theme: anti christian propaganda that hints at insider connections and saboteurs . He accused an unnamed Army officer of leaking General Buratai’s movement to the terror group and accused members of the royal house of bornu of using the bokoharam insurgency as a pretext to exterminate the rival house of Sanda Kyarimi.

So why are people upset at his detention. Well most of Northern Nigeria is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that Salafi elements are the real founders of the dreaded terror group that is now killing them. The Izala organisation and other Salaists like Datti AlSalafi have been struggling to remain relevant and mainstream and the way they have been trying to do that is by advocating and spreading conspiracy theories that push the blame for the insurgency to “conspiracies by christians”.
Al Salafiy who had perviously been using anonymous accounts to propagate his extreme theories slowly became comfortable and ultimately revealed his identity after Buhari’s victory in the 2015 elections.
Its still not why the SSS arrested Al Salafiy. The secret police has not responded to Dr Idris’ allegations and the Nigeria Police office Force, who Alsalafiy worked for has also remained silent. Nigeria’s criminal justice law requires a court to grant an order before security agencies can detain an individual for more than 14 days.

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