It Won’t be Easy Deposing The Emir of Kano, Here’s Why

There is a reason why Muhammadu Sunusi I was made to abdicate his throne, one of them was the need to sell calm to the people in Northern Nigeria but the other real reason is – the Sardauna and the NPC could not have deposed him so easily.

When people talk about the legend of the Sardauna its easy to forget that he wasn’t the Alpha and Omega that southern media makes him out to be, in fact, for a long time he faced a formidable opposition within his own ruling NPC. It was only with the support o people like Emir Sunusi that he managed to consolidate his hold over the NPC.

So what would have happened had Emir Sanusi decide he wasn’t going to abdicate.

Well, the Sardauna would have had to present the report of the Muffet committee which implicated the Emir in misappropriations, but mind you only a redacted version of the report was ever released, the whole o the original is probably taking dust somewhere in the secret rooms of the Northern Archives. But even with the Muffet report, we must remember that the Muffet committee was a commission, which means it had no legal bearings, Sir Ahamdu would have had to get a legal stamp on it to make known that the Emir was guilty. Well, seeing as is not modern-day Nigeria the trial would have taken a month or two but there was no guaranty it was going to go Kaduna’s way.

During the Trial the Sardauna can probably invoke the security act to put in place someone to temporarily head the Kano NA, chances are the parliament would only agree to a bureaucrat.

Sir Sanusi of Kano with the Governor of Northern Nigeria Sir Gwain Bell

Now supposing Sir Ahmadu gets his way, things cold potentially get bad for Sir Sunusi, or not, because there is still the issue of how the parliament or the House of Assembly was going to act. It requires the commitment of the Senate of the North which was then called the House of Chiefs, which I do not need to tell you happens to be full of Emirs who would hardly sit back and do nothing while Sir Sanusi was deposed.

But some of us would ask, well that’s the old days, now a state governor can so anything, right? No he can’t, because believe it or not most of the Laws of the old Northern Nigeria are still very much alive just like most of the laws of British Empire are.

Ganduje would still need a compelling reason to remove Sunusi and he’ll need the Councilors of Kano and the House of Assembly to do it. This is why all other attempts to remove Emirs (besides Abacha’s decree) have back fired. Last year the circuit court at Sokoto declared Jokolo the reigning Emir of Gwandu and there’s little doubt that even the supreme court will so the same. And the judgement was not one of reinstating Jakolo, it declared his unbroken reign as the Emir.

But even with these, the neo cons have something going for them, the slow nature of judgement in our courts will mean that they can potentially seize control of the Emirate at least until the good guys are able to retake it again.


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