Its Difficult to hate this one- Melania Trump’s Mothers Day pic just won her Nigeria

Even Rariya, Kowanne Gauta and other major  hausa news groups have carried the mother’s day pic of melania trump. The grace and style and not to mention the “motherness” displayed by FLOTUS may have just won her an unlikely troupe. Even blogs like linda ikeji who made no secret of the fact that they dislike anything Trump were surprisingly kind to her

Perhaps its the way she covered up or the motherly look, despite the unpopularity of her husband’s policies, Northerners are slowly learning that there maybe something to like about Melania Trump.

Most of the comments from Rariya’s post were positive with some even complementing her style. Jala Sani and Rusk Mas’udi, two popular arewa instagram celebs even went as far as replicating the pic with their own sons


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