Its Toughtless and Sexist- Ibrahim Sheme weighs in on Rahama’s Side

The publisher of FIM magazine Ibrahim Sheme has fiannly weighed in on ClassiQgate and he is on Rahama;s side. Sheme called the expulsion of Rahama discriminatory and called on MOPPAN to get a rethink before the organisation becomes obsolete.

Sheme said:

Finally, I wish to make the following observation and appeal:
This lady #rahamasadau should be allowed to bounce back as an actress because the decision taken against her was a huge error of judgement, thoughtless, sexist, discriminatory and a mere populism. Therefore it is unjustifiable. It was like a premeditated murder and a suicide combined! If there were 1,001 reasons why she should be sacked, there are 1,002 reasons why each and every major actor/actress (as well as producer, director, lyricist, etc) should similarly be expelled and then let’s lock down the film industry. I know, because I’m involved. The earlier those MOPPAN guys sit and reconsider their options, the better for Kannywood. Certainly there is a better way to deal with what they regard as a moral burden, the weight of which lies on their backs rather than on Rahama’s. One is prepared to help them come to terms with their reflex miscalculation and find a way to correct it.


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