Jafar Jafar’s “Epic Take Down” Turned Out to Be Epic Bull

His friend Farouk Kperogi called it an “Epic Take Down”, not surprisingly it turned out to be some epic bull sh**!

The campaign against the Emir of Kano was initiated through a religious angle, with Hausa Facebook serving as the pivot. Extremists unearthed long forgotten articles that accused the Emir  of adultery and then resorted to using the words of long discredited wahabi scholars. With the infamous Jafar Adam video not attracting enough views to satisfy the extremists, Jafaar Jafaar coincidentally sparked another keg with an article which in so many words was trying to “warn” against a repetition of history. From the shrewd coincidence of its timing to the emotionally loaded nature of the write up, we wasted no time calling out the obviously skewed nature of Jafar Jafar’s embarrassing attempt to wage war on the reformist Emir of Kano. Nevertheless, Mr Jafaar went on to write two more articles full of the same loaded bull and he not only claimed that he’d seen evidence to prove his allegations he also insiniauted that he had it in his posession, releasing a picture of som A4 printout with the caption “..morsels from the daily nigerian kitchenette”.

Now that Walin Kano has exposed the poor and bitter nature of all the morsels lying at Daily Nigerian’s well stocked kitchenette,maybe Jafar can do some good journalism and tell us just who it was that gave him that N200,000 which he “purportedly” turned down. And while at it, maybe he should also waste no time in apologising to the Emirate council and the good people of Kano who’ve obviously been traumatized by his unsubstantiated accusations.

Truth is, on any other day, one would be willing to entertain the words of Jafaar, but when good journalists start augmenting their professional wits to conservative causes it becomes the responsibility of every good person out there to call them back to order.

To borrow from Mr Jafaar- We hope someone is listening!

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