Between Joy Odama And Usman Adamu, The Alhaji Culture is Dangerous

-Jacinda Ismail

OK, so I have no intention in slamming the reputation of these poor people, least of all Late Joy. God knows the undertaking of all of us should be to respect her family’s privacy and get to the bottom of what actually happened.

Local police say, the young Ms Joy Odama and a couple of other girls fell unconscious after a late night visit to the apartment of Usman Adamu. Ms Odama’s mother claimed that Usman had lured her there on the promise of “assisting her financially”. Need I say more? I think we somehow all know the story and Joy being a student from the South only reinforces the line.

For too long, young girls from the south have lived on the myth of the rich Alhaji. The classic image of a an educated Northerner in Lagos is that of a Zanna Bukar wearing man who’s willing to beg indulgence in non-malo girls who apparently, know how to do it. Back in my university days, some of our colleagues down south have even made it a ritual to visit Abuja on every holiday in the hopes of pocketing one of these Alhajis.

Its probably not their fault, back then in Lagos, one too many Lagos school girls have been settled for life through the shadowy pockets of Northern forex dealers. I confess, If I were a girl struggling to pay my school fees, perhaps spending an evening with a Northern man who scarcely understands a word in English but who’s purse is filled with enough dollars to strike home Dubai, and who is willing to treat me for a Hallmark romance, is very much appealing. But most of these girls don’t understand the risks involved in these “runs”, as they call them. From marathon sex to drugs to BDSM, most men, Northerners or not, when they seek escape outside of their matrimonial shells, also seek the virtuous extremes. And the those 50 shades of grey do actually come at a price.

In the end, I thank the lord that Ms Odama didn’t have cocaine in her system, as widely reported. The second autopsy indicts that monoxide poisoning might be the culprit. But this sad story is a reminder to our Northern Men, and our Southern sisters, that the Alhaji culture comes with a price, a price the devil always collects



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