KABAFEST17- Mal Nasiru gets to laugh last- People turn up for KABAFEST17

A lot of people might have gone out of their way to embrace Nasiru Elrufai, but the strange nature of the turnout at Kabafest17 indicates that the Boycott campaign might have actually favoured the organisers of the festival.

Interviews by our correspondent at Gusau Institute shows that a lot of the people who turned up for the event actually did so after hearing about the capngain which tried to scuttle it.

“It might not be as popular as Ake but it was definitely more than the organisers had ever hoped for” Umaru Hadejia, a participant told Knotted Tabs.

After a well published campaign which sought to discourage people from attending, Mal Nasiru Elrufai has once again out maneuvered his detractors without spending a single dollar

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“The irony is that the boycott¬†actually spent more time and money publishing the event than Dzukoggi” Hadejia said referring to the poet Umar Dzukoggi, the man who the boycott campaign had dubbed “Hadiza Elrufai’s inside man”.

But perhaps it was the nature of the campaign. The campaigners unwittingly decided not to focus too much energy on the energy killings trying not to paint themselves as shiites no doubt, but by doing so they ignored the biggest weapon they had in their arsenal. At the end, writers like Leila Aboulela and Lola Shoneyin saw little incentive not to attend, which almost certainly made KABAEST17 the success story it is.

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