Kaduna Declaration- Security Agencies Advised Against Arrests

Nigeria’s security agencies, possibly the SSS advised against the ill-conceived arrest of the signatories of the Kaduna Declaration, The Nation is reporting.

Days after the declaration, a spokesman of the Kaduna Governor claimed that the Nasir Elrufai had ordered the arrest of the signatories, on what grounds, he however failed to mention.

The Nation is claiming that it had been informed by a “source” within the security establishment that some Northern elders bent on destabilising Nigeria were behind the 16 youth groups who called for the dissolution of the Nigerian federation by October 1.

It would not be the first time in which Northern Elders were being accused of conspiring to destabilize Nigeria, the mythical Kaduna Mafia had long been the subject of southern conspiracy theories who claim that a group turbaned men rule Nigeria from the shadows of Kaduna, the capital of Northern Nigeria.

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