Kannywood gets another inside gal in Kano’s government House

Ganduje is turning out to be the best friend Kannywood has ever had.

Since his assumption of office, he’s appointed 3 actresses to his cabinet and just yeaterday, Yahanasu Sani became the fourth.

So whats behind this romance with Kannywood?


Well, for starters since the government of Ibrahim Shekarau literally decimated the industry with an eight year long siege, Northern Nigerian filmmakers have found that life is much easier when you’re into politics and your word carries a bit of political currency.

Also, the APC and many other politicians are coming to terms with the new realities in the North. After the sharia romp of Shakarau and Yerima, religion just doesn’t carry much weight on the streets any more, these politicians are seeking ways to tap into the ‘star’ allure that Kannywood obviously has

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