Kano Bans Wasan Tashe After is APC is ridiculed in Songs

Traditional ramadan plays known as wasan Tashe have been “banned” by Kano police, supposedly due to “security concerns” but in truth due to a series of damining plays to ridiculed the ruling APC and probabaly destoryed what little political capital the conservative government still held in the anicient city.

Starting last week a series of plays Mai Gaskiya an Sacce Dabino, Mai Barci Bazai Kara Ba, Goggo Ta Iyya Rawa and  Kudinku yana round about poked fun at the ruling APC.

The ban which is most likely only going to add to the growing discontent over the failure of the APC is still yet to take effect as some plays continue in the Dala quarter of the ancient city.


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