Kudinku Yana Round About- New Kwankwasiyya Song Sparks Outrage in Kano

A new song released by some members of the Kwankwasiyyah movement has caused outrage within government circles after it ridiculed Gandujiyya’s golden Jubilee monument

The song which has the chorus Kudinku yana round about or Your money is in the round about seemed to suggest that Ganduje wasted “all the tax he’d collected” on the muti million naira edifice stroke close to home as the Governor had long been trying to dispel rumours that he was embezzling money from the heavily taxed people of Kano.

Ganduje has instituted one of the most stringent and unpopular tax regimes since the creation of the State. This couple with poor planing and lack of clear policy direction has contributed to one of the most painful recessions in the state’s economy in decades.

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