Kwankwasiyya Come For Ganduje as Ethiopian Air cuts Kano for Kaduna

The Red Caps are coming for Governor Ganduje as route searches definitively show that Ethiopian Air might be trimming down its services in Kano for the new Kaduna route which will be taking off Aug 1st.

While sources in Ethiopian Air have hinted that the African air giant will be linking Kaduna-Kano to Addis, that hasn’t stopped heated speculations that the conservative government of Ganduje is one that has outlived its usefulness.

“Kano is loosing out in the heated competition to become the centre of the North, but I blame our Kwankwasiyya, how did we expect a man like Ganduje to compete with ElRufai” ¬†Hassan Kwankwason Municipal told Knottedpost.

But while Kano under Ganduje is indeed at the back end of anything positive and innovative, chances are the hype around Ethiopian Air wouldn’t disrupt Kano’s air connectivity that much, it will take more than a Ganduje or a few Wahhabi Sheikhs to destroy the budding commercial capital and its attractiveness.



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